Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project Life-Favorite Pages To Date

This is my first post sharing my Project Life pages with you. I'm so happy that I took this project on. I hummed and hahed and talked it over with my husband. With me going back to work I wanted to make sure I had the time to complete it and not feel stressed. And thats the great thing about this project. You don't have to stress yourself out. You don't have to do a double page spread per week or even one page per week. No matter how much you are doing as long as your doing it, thats all that matters. In the end you are going to have so many memories recorded that you might otherwise have missed. With only having completed 12 weeks of the project so far I can't believe how many little memories and details I have recorded that otherwise might gotten missed or forgotten in a year or even a month. I love making notes about the little things my girls say or the funny things they are in to. Even keeping track of the weather is a cool thing to look back on especially with all the warm weather we were having this March. If I have one thing to say I would say everyone should give it a go. You can do it as digital or traditional scrapbooking. There is a lot of great products out there. In my Project Life I use Becky Higgins page protectors, but use a lot of digital elements as well. In the next month or so I will upload all my pages to my flickr account.

Okay, here are my two FAVORITE pages so far. I LOVE when my double pages coordinate. I have a hard time when they don't LOL! The first page is week 2 which includes Emily's First Birthday Party. I also include an extra insert to hold more photos. Which actually is a page protector to hold baseball cards. I got these from Walmart. 

The black and white photos were just a few pictures I had printed off and hung up as decorations for Emily's Birthday. The idea came from Vinnie Pearce. Check out her post Here. Definitely going to do this for Addison's Birthday. 

On the other side of the extra insert I have who attend her party, the weather that day, the Kool-Aid package I used for her punch and little photos from the day. Another thing that I love about Project Life and with using Becky Higgins page protectors is that I can tuck in other memorabilia, like her actually invitation that I made and mailed out to people. I just love the way this week turned out. Click Here for Credits.

My second FAVORITE page is the week that included Valentine's Day which was actually week 7. Again I love when the weeks coordinate :) This week I've captured the kids writing their Valentine's day cards, our last day at Mother Goose Sing Song, Valentine's goodies and treats and pictures of the kids with their gifts. This week I put in an extra Making Memories 6x6 page protector to hold a digital page I designed plus some Instagram photos and a card I got from Doug and the kids. To see my digital page larger & for credits. Click here.

On the second page I've included some really cute IncrediBooth photos. IncrediBooth you ask? It's an iPhone app that lets you take photos as if you where in a photo booth. Really COOL! The layout of this 6x4 insert I will use throughout the year. I also designed a logo or word art for little tidbits of the week called "Bits & Pieces". I like the way it turn out. Hubby and I had date day at Chapter's & Starbucks, so I kept my Starbucks cup to use for this week. Click Here for Credits.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave me a comment and if you do check in on a regular basis please follow my blog. Next post will be a Copy Cat Challenge. Everyone have a safe and wonderful Easter weekend. Happy Hopping!


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